Door Installation and Replacement Services in Kendall Park, NJ

The team of dedicated and knowledgeable contractors at Emmons can perform any exterior or interior door installation and replacement services in Kendall Park, NJ. We take great pride in the work that we do, which has made us a well-respected local business. As a family-run company, we like to treat our customers like family too.

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Emmons is the Right Choice for Your Home

Emmons has been performing home improvement services for more than 30 years in Kendall Park, NJ. We’re an insured and licensed door installer at the Jersey Shore, in South Jersey and several counties in Pennsylvania. The Better Business Bureau has issued accreditation and an A+ rating to our business. Since we’re a local company, we can offer more personalized service for your home improvement projects than larger companies. You’ll receive a full workmanship and material warranty, and we pledge to provide service that meets, if not surpasses, the manufacturer warranty. Did you know we also offer financing?

Door Replacement in Kendall Park, NJ

For more than three decades, the team at Emmons has been performing door installation and replacement services. We have the experience necessary to install and replace all types of doors no matter material they’re made of. Our team works with doors of all colors too.

There are several benefits of having your existing doors replaced. One that you’re likely to notice right away is lower energy bills. Because of poor insulation and natural wear and tear, doors become less energy efficient over time and let chilly drafts in and heat out. Properly insulated and fully functional doors keep the drafts out and the heat in, which prevents your HVAC unit from overworking so that you save money. Another benefit is that less noise will enter your home.

Door Replacement Services

Having new doors installed can improve your home’s curb appeal and market value as well. In particular, you can give your home a quick but effective face-lift just by replacing the front door. You can choose from a variety of materials, colors, styles, features and window designs that are appealing to not only yourself but also passersby.

In addition, you’ll gain peace of mind with a new door installation. Modern doors are manufactured with improved security compared to older models. They’re constructed with new technologies that resist forced entry, and quality fiberglass and steel materials make them stronger. On top of that, manufacturers utilize wide-angle peepholes and updated bolt locks for extra security.

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Modern Options for Door Installations

Our expert team is familiar with installing doors of all kinds, including front, patio, slider and storm doors. In fact, we can install the full lineup of Pella fiberglass, steel, vinyl and wood doors. Here’s an overview of each material:


Doors made with fiberglass are very energy efficient and durable. They don’t expand, rot or warp, and they resist scratches and dents from a lot of traffic and extreme weather. You can order any color or a wood grain finish, giving you the beauty of wood but with less maintenance.


Providing maximum energy efficiency, security and strength, steel doors do everything that fiberglass doors do but better. They’re even available in various colors and finishes.


Doors made with vinyl are best suited for patio entryways. They’re very low maintenance and don’t require paint. Best of all, minor scratches and dings don’t show up easily through the solid color.


Compared to the appearance of other door materials, wood is the most beautiful. It offers great security and durability too. However, wood doors can be more expensive and require routine maintenance to prevent expanding, rotting and warping because of moisture and extreme weather.

On top of these material options, you can customize your doors with decorative glass and hardware to match. You can even customize the kick plates and locks. Regardless of what you choose, you can trust Emmons to complete your door installation correctly and in a timely manner.

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Interior Door Installation Services

Entryway, patio and storm door installation and replacements aren’t the extent of Emmons door services. Our professionals can also replace interior doors in Kendall Park, NJ, including bathroom, bedroom and closet doors.

There are two main types of interior doors. Flush doors have a flat surface without any detail or raised areas. Panel doors are divided into different panes that are usually built into the frames, and some of the panels are raised or recessed.

Interior Door Repairs

Interior doors also come in a variety of modern styles such as:

  • Hinged doors which are the most popular and simplest with hinges on one side.
  • Sliding doors which are common for closets because they slide open horizontally rather than swing open.
  • Bi-folding doors which fold into two portions as they slide to one side, which is why they’re also popular for closets.
  • In addition to these styles, there are barn, bypass, Dutch, French, pivot and pocket doors.

These interior door styles are available in many materials too. Medium density fiberboard is the most popular and moderately priced. Solid wood is pricier but the most durable. Glass, hollow core and solid core are additional options. No matter the door type, style or material that you choose, the team at Emmons can complete your door installation quickly and affordably.

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Are you ready to hire experts to replace your exterior or interior doors? Emmons is a local business that you can count on to provide personalized, top-notch home improvement services in Kendall Park, NJ. Contact us to schedule an appointment for door installation or replacement services that you can trust.

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