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Invest in Your Home With Solar Roofing

Many homeowners throughout South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area are upgrading and enhancing their homes through solar roofing installation, and Emmons is the name to trust in this region. We are a fully licensed and insured solar contractor with more than 30 years of experience. Emmons is a SunPower authorized dealer, and SunPower has been an innovator in this field for more than four decades. It offers the most efficient panels, a 25-year warranty, low-profile mounting, and integrated monitoring.

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The Many Benefits of Solar Roofing

Perhaps the biggest advantage to investing in solar roofing for your home is the short- and long-term returns on that investment. Each watt that your system generates is a watt that you don’t have to purchase from your electric company, and if the system generates more than you need, the surplus can be stored locally or sold to the grid. Recouping your initial investment is easier than ever as solar panels are increasingly affordable, and the federal solar tax credit will remain 30% of the total initial cost through January 1, 2033. Solar panels work in all climates and add significant value to a home. They help make the grid more dependable, and they let you keep the lights on even when the grid goes down.

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Emmons Is the Smart Choice for Solar Panels

Choose Emmons for your solar roofing installation because of our experience, skill, and resources. We’re not just a solar contractor but an established roofing contractor that understands how these systems must integrate in order to protect your home in addition to powering it. All of our work meets or exceeds the standards set forth by building codes and manufacturer warranties, and we stand behind our work with our own full labor and material warranties.

Is Your Home Ready to Go Solar?

Practically any home is a suitable candidate for solar roofing, and that includes the homes in our area. We know that many homeowners are concerned with whether the climate of the Northeast is suitable, and it absolutely is. There is more than enough sunlight here even in the dead of winter. Of course, the bigger your home, the greater the motivation to switch. You use more power and will therefore save more and recoup your investment sooner. Perhaps the greatest concern is the condition of your roof. If it’s overdue to be replaced, then that will likely have to be done as well, and reroofing generally is the optimal time to have any substantial solar roofing work performed. We recommend scheduling us for a free consultation through which we’ll perform an inspection, answer any questions that you may have, explore your solar options with you, and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Solar Panels

How Solar Panels Save You Money

The average household in the United States spends $125 on electricity each month. At that level of usage, your solar roofing system could easily cover it all and save you $1,500 annually. These savings are immediate and will be reflected on your electric bill for the next billing cycle. As mentioned earlier, if you generate more power than you use or are able to store, you can sell that to the grid for even more savings. Note that the average homeowner recoups their investment in solar panels within 8 years, and consider that with the fact that the average solar panel system will last between 25 and 30 years.

An Authorized SunPower Partner

We’re proud to partner with SunPower because it’s among the leading names in solar roofing. Its solar panels have an innovative design that delivers superior performance and efficiency, and SunPower backs those panels with an industry-leading warranty that ensures your return on investment. We are also able to offer financing options that make investing in solar an option for practically any homeowner.

Solar Panels for Your Home

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Tax Credits for PA and NJ Residents

The high cost of electricity in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a great reason to go solar. The cost of solar in these states results in more than 80% savings over buying from the grid. Net metering is available in both states, which means that you’ll likely be able to sell your excess energy to the grid. Solar Renewable Energy Credits or SRECs are available in both states as well and can help you save further, and homeowners in both states have access to the federal solar tax credit, which is worth 30% of the initial investment up until 2033. At that point, the available tax credit will reduce to 26%.

Trust Emmons for Your Solar Roofing Installation

Emmons has helped many area homeowners upgrade their homes with solar roofing, and we’d love to help you achieve a future in which you spend a lot less on electricity and lower your carbon footprint. Call us today at 1-856-885-6677 or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how Emmons can be your solar roofing panel provider.

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