Roof Solar Panel Cost: Pricing & Installation Factors

Elevate Your Home with Solar Power

If you’re contemplating the addition of solar panels to your residence in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Emmons is the company to reach out to. As a licensed and insured roofing and solar contractor, we collaborate with SunPower to devise and implement tailored solar solutions, enabling our customers to achieve cost savings with minimal upfront expenses. If this piques your interest, we’re here to address any questions you may have regarding roof solar panel cost, federal tax credits, local incentives, solar buyback, and more.

The Advantages of Investing in Solar Energy

Contemporary solar systems are more accessible than ever, encompassing not only solar panels but also storage solutions. Many potential customers find our quoted solar panel pricing surprisingly reasonable. The affordability of the equipment, coupled with various ways to offset the initial investment, means that the right system for your home will pay for itself over its lifespan. Solar power is applicable in most climates, including the Northeast, enhancing property value and providing electricity during grid outages without the need for a backup generator.

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Interior Remodeling and Solar Power

Why Emmons is the Right Choice

Choosing Emmons for your solar panel installation is a wise decision due to our over three decades of experience as a solar power and roofing contractor in this region. Partnering with SunPower, a globally recognized and enduring solar brand with a 25-year warranty, sets us apart. Additionally, our customer-centric process involves pairing you with a dedicated solar consultant to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the technology and roof solar panel cost.

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Trusted Partnership with SunPower

Emmons proudly partners with SunPower, a leading solar brand. SunPower equipment undergoes extensive testing, is certified, and is backed by a 25-year warranty for peace of mind.

Complimentary On-Site Consultations

If you’re considering solar for your home, there’s no need to remain in the dark. We’ll dispatch a solar expert to your home at no cost and without any obligation. We will furnish you with all the necessary information, including an accurate roof solar panel cost estimate, and address any queries you may have. We’re committed to minimizing your costs and ensuring minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

Tax Credits for Homeowners in NJ and PA

Most homeowners investing in a solar system qualify for the federal investment tax credit program, allowing a 30% credit on the total roof solar panel cost. While the credit isn’t refundable, any unused portion can be carried forward to subsequent tax years. State and local incentives may also be available.

Financing Options for Your Convenience

Emmons provides financing options covering the entire roof solar panel cost, minimizing upfront costs. We offer unsecured loans with both short- and long-term financing, as discussed during your consultation.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Whether the roof solar panel cost is worth it depends on the understanding of whether your solar system will yield long-term energy savings, making the investment worthwhile. During your consultation, we’ll illustrate how this translates into savings over the equipment’s lifespan.


Solar Panels for Your Home

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Is Your Home Ready for Solar?

Most homes, particularly those in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, are suitable for a solar panel system. The size of your home, coupled with net metering policies in both states, can significantly reduce costs. The condition of your roofing materials is crucial, and if a roof replacement is needed, combining both projects can optimize overall costs.

Embrace Solar Power with Emmons

Let Emmons assist you in enhancing your home and reducing energy costs with a personalized solar panel system. Call 1-856-885-6677 today or contact us online to schedule an on-site consultation or inquire further about roof solar panel costs, tax credits, and the possibility of obtaining solar energy with minimal out-of-pocket costs.

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