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Your siding has a huge influence on your home’s curb appeal and it also helps protect and insulate. Emmons Roofing & Siding repairs and installs siding, shutters, and decorative vinyl molding products for homes of all sizes, and we can even create customized solutions to meet your needs. Our siding contractors are thorough each step of the process with meticulous attention to detail and aim to always finish our work in a timely manner.

We are able to provide our South Jersey and PA customers with a full material and workmanship warranty, and our siding, shutters, and molding work meets or exceeds manufacturers’ warranties. We use the highest quality siding, soffit, and trim materials, such as CertainTeed and Mastic.

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Siding Contractors

Siding Replacement

Like your roof, the siding on your home is essential to protect it from weather, pests, and other elements. Because of that, the condition of the siding has an impact on the value of your home. Unfortunately, the elements can cause some serious damage to the siding and integrity of your residence. Subsurface cracks and leaks can develop from poor installation and maintenance. Whether the siding damage is apparent or subtle, not fixing compromised siding can have disastrous consequences for your home.

Emmons Roofing & Siding is proud to be certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute to install and replace vinyl siding in South Jersey, the Jersey Shore and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our siding contractors are trained and experienced in installing and replacing fiber cement siding too. Our mission is to provide expertly crafted siding, and we use superior practices to make sure that your installation will last.

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Our Siding Contractors Will Help Add Style to Your Home

Whether you choose the standard look of cost-effective and durable vinyl siding or stylish and popular fiber cement siding, Emmons is the preferred South Jersey siding contractor who can help you complete the job right the first time. Our siding contractors are passionate about ensuring that your home is protected. We care about the community and believe that your business is valuable. Through our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we’ve built a reputation for being a reliable team that performs excellent siding repairs, replacements and installations.

In order to maintain our impeccable reputation, we conduct thorough employment screenings and background checks on our employees. The benefit of this practice is that you can feel comfortable having our experts on your property. We use the most up-to-date techniques and technology for siding installations, which only adds value to our services. Whether you need to replace or repair siding on a budget or tight schedule, our team can work with you to do the job right.

Siding Repair Services

Siding Repair

When your home’s siding is damaged by pests, develops cracks from poor maintenance or comes loose because of windy storms, siding repair is a necessity. Not getting timely siding repairs can put the overall integrity of the siding system at risk. It could even lead to the walls underneath sustaining damage. In particular, water can find its way into the frame of your home. When moisture becomes trapped there, it can cause mold growth, wood rot and other damage. If you don’t get it fixed, you may need structural repairs later down the road.

By having our siding contractors perform the necessary repairs, you ensure that your home’s interior is protected and that its infrastructure is preserved. Siding repairs can significantly extend the life of your siding as well. As a result, you’ll save money on major repairs in the long run. Although we specialize in installing fiber cement and vinyl siding, we can repair any type.

Emergency Siding Repair Services

Has a recent storm caused severe damage to your siding? Emmons is proud to offer emergency siding repair services whenever you may need them. Remedying the situation quickly could be the difference between small repairs and complicated costly ones. Don’t hesitate to reach out today if your property has sustained storm damage, our siding contractors are here to help.

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Common Types of Siding Damage

  • Cracks or splits in siding panels
  • Chipped siding
  • Missing siding panels
  • Discolored or faded siding
  • Holes in siding panels
  • Mold or mildew buildup
  • Pest damage
  • Bulging siding panels
  • Plant growth beneath siding panels
  • Peeling paint

Types of Siding

When you’re installing siding on a new home or replacing the siding on an existing home, it’s important to choose the right type. Although all types of siding protect your home, some are more expensive and require more maintenance than others. Choosing the right siding can enhance the appearance and value of your home.

The siding contractors at Emmons are more than happy to help you navigate the decision process. After our work is done, we want you to have peace of mind that your home is well protected. We proudly offer full warranties on our workmanship and the materials that we use for all of our siding projects. If you aren’t completely satisfied or run into an issue in the future, our team will rectify the situation. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal in everything that we do.

Vinyl Siding Services

Vinyl Siding

As a durable form of plastic, vinyl siding is primarily engineered from polyvinyl chloride resin. It has been around since the 1950s, emerging as an alternative to the aluminum siding, which warped and dented easily. Since then, it has become one of the most popular options for residential siding. Vinyl siding is extremely popular because it doesn’t require fresh paint every few years and is very affordable. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors and textures, including wood grain and smooth, and it’s available with decorative edges. Vinyl siding also comes in vertical and horizontal panels and has vinyl accessories to match.

With certification from the Vinyl Siding Institute, the siding contractors at Emmons are experts at installing vinyl siding. We pay attention to detail throughout the entire installation process and work hard to complete each project on time.

Fiber Cement Siding Services

Fiber Cement Siding

Another type of siding that’s low maintenance, durable and long-lasting is fiber cement. It’s a semirigid material that’s made of cellulose fibers, cement, sand and water. The amount of each ingredient changes depending on the manufacturer, but the result always provides ample protection for your home while remaining somewhat flexible.

Fiber cement siding is a popular option among homeowners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania because they can customize it and it’s durable. Like vinyl siding, it’s available in an array of colors and textures, including smooth, stucco and wood grain finishes. It’s noncombustible, can withstand moisture and rot damage, and is unappealing to many pests. Compared to vinyl siding, the only downside of fiber cement is that it costs more. Our siding contractors are professional fiber cement siding installers. We can help you decide the colors and textures that will work best for your home and the aesthetic that you want.

Stone Veneer Installation

Stone Veneer Siding Installation

If you want to add a unique dimension to your home, stone veneer siding is a perfect option. You can add a short accent wall that adds character to your current siding. You can also re-face a whole section of your home to show depth and elegance. Emmons can install mortarless stone veneer siding that is durable and long-lasting. The technology developed by Evolve Stone is lightweight, seamless, and installs 10x faster than traditional stone veneer. With several styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Types of Siding - Stucco

Stucco Removal & Remediation Services

Many residences have stucco that was improperly installed which opens the home up to potential damage and costly underlying issues. If you have stucco siding on your home, you may need to have it remediated. Whether the stucco on your home is stained, cracking, or otherwise damaged or you are simply interested in giving your home a facelift to increase curb appeal, Emmons can provide reliable stucco removal and remediation services. We can then replace your stucco with energy-efficient and durable vinyl siding that will give you the look you want and the peace of mind that your home will remain protected from the elements.

Shutters & Decorative Molding Trim Work

At Emmons, our siding contractors do more than just install, repair and replace siding. We can also install shutters and molding trim. These artful additions can greatly improve your home’s curbside appeal. Whether you have a classic traditional or modern home, shutters and molding trim work add a layer of elegance.

Our siding contractors can work with composite, vinyl or wood shutters in a variety of configurations, functions, hardware and panels. Regardless of the type that you choose, we guarantee that you’ll receive quality, long-lasting products. We use the best soffit and trim materials on the market, including those from Mastic and CertainTeed. We’re proud to provide full warranties on the materials and workmanship of all of our shutter and molding trim work.

Siding Maintenance Tips

Siding Maintenance Tips from Our Siding Contractors

After you invest in new siding for your home, you want to do everything possible to ensure that it functions correctly and lasts for as long as possible. You can do that by keeping your gutters clear of leaves, twigs and other debris. When your gutters are clogged, rainwater overflows down the side of your home, taking some of the dirt and debris with it. Over time, that can leave stains and cause siding damage that requires professional repairs, so regular gutter cleanings are crucial.

Maintaining your siding involves keeping plants and shrubs a safe distance away from your home as well. The foliage is pretty and brings curb appeal to your property, but uncontrolled growth can lead to loose siding panels as the plants grow underneath. Tree limbs can even rub against the siding and cause discoloration and cracks, so planting them away from the siding will prevent these issues.

You can further maintain your siding by inspecting it on a regular basis, especially after storms. Simply walk around your house to confirm that the siding panels are in place. If you find anything that’s broken or loose, call the siding contractors at Emmons. The sooner that we can repair the siding damage, the better protected that your home will remain. When you schedule a professional siding inspection from our experts, we can help detect problems that you can’t see. This will allow our siding contractors to fix those issues before they get worse.

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