Cellulose Blown Insulation

Loose Fill Cellulose Keeps You Comfortable

Cellulose insulation is similar to down feathers in consistency, being thick, dense, and clumpy. The main benefit of this size and shape is that the insulation can fit in tight spaces like walls and can curve around obstacles like cables and ducts that are present in both walls and attics.

Technically, sisal or maize cobs or any other source of cellular plants may be used to make cellulose insulation. However, commercial cellulose insulation is often made from wood, and more particularly from paper, including recycled office paper, newspaper, and cardboard. Cellulose insulation is regarded as an environmentally beneficial home product as a result.

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Expert Attic Insulation Installers

Installing new or more cellulose insulation is an excellent approach to keeping your house pleasant and safe from high outside temperatures. While we may put insulation in your house at any time, the best time to do so is during a roof replacement, when we have unrestricted access to your attic and any spaces beneath your roof. This significantly improves our capacity to insulate every nook and cranny above your living area.

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Expert Cellulose Insulation

Why Choose Emmons for Insulation Installation?

Emmons has proudly served residents in NJ and PA for over 30 years as a family-owned and run business. We have comprehensive insurance and are licensed to install insulation in South Jersey, the Jersey coast, and southern Pennsylvania. We offer high-quality products and dependable residential insulation services at reasonable pricing. Our services are always backed by a satisfaction guarantee as well as industry-leading warranties.

Benefits of Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose, the most environmentally friendly type of insulation, is created from roughly 85% recycled materials such as cardboard, paper, and other comparable materials. Because it has been treated with borates, cellulose insulation defends itself against insects and vermin rather well. Finally, it is inexpensive and surprisingly fire-resistant.

Install Additional Insulation In Your Home

Emmons insulation installers can apply more insulation over existing insulation and fill in any gaps where your home may be under-insulated. We usually recommend that if you are installing insulation, you get the work handled by a professional to avoid creating vapor-lock regions that can cause significant damage to your property. Remember that rolled and blown-in insulation can be put on top of previous insulation. Contact us immediately for an inspection if you are unsure about your capacity to install more insulation in your house.

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Residential Insulation Cellulose

Replace Your Current Insulation

Whether you have cellulose, fiberglass, or another type of insulation in your home, Emmons can replace it with new cellulose insulation. While we typically install Owens Corning AttiCat blow-in fiberglass insulation, we also work with eco-friendly cellulose products as well.

Stay Comfortable with New Insulation

Emmons’ dedication to offering high-quality work at a reasonable price applies to all of our services. Our installation technicians will treat your house as if it were their own, assuring your family’s comfort. Contact us for a free estimate, and our insulation specialists will go through all of your choices with you.

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