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Emmons is a leading home improvement company with more than 30 years of experience serving homeowners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Professional patio door replacement is one of the ways we help area homeowners improve their homes. A new patio door will beautify your home, make it more functional, and make it more secure. Our expert door installers perform both new installations and replacements. We are passionate about our trade and take great pride in our work, and each installation we perform is tailored to the unique requirements of the home.

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Do I Need a New Patio Door?

Do I Need a New Patio Door?

Cosmetic damage is among the most common reasons area homeowners choose Emmons for patio door replacement. Patio doors take a lot of abuse over time. Your doors may have scrapes, scratches, chips, and other superficial wear that undermines the aesthetics of the door. By replacing your door, you eliminate those flaws and also have the opportunity to choose a new and more modern style. Of course, your door may also have functional issues that require you to replace it. We often replace doors that are difficult to open and close and may stick and make loud noises when used. Drafts are another common issue because they make it more expensive to heat and cool a home, and the gaps are sometimes so large that they expose the home to a pest infestation. Emmons replaces doors that have structural damage, such as due to a severe storm or an errant baseball. We also replace doors when water intrusion is an issue, and that can range from excess moisture on the glass or around the seal to water dripping down the walls and pooling on the floor. If you experience any of these issues, we advise calling us as soon as possible to inspect the doors and provide you with our professional recommendation.

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Why You Should Choose Emmons for Your Patio Door Replacement

Emmons has more than three decades of patio door replacement experience. We are an established company that stands behind its work and is fully licensed and insured in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our company has earned Better Business Bureau accreditation with an A+ rating. We have earned many of the most respected industry credentials and certifications. Emmons provides accurate and upfront estimates, charges competitive rates, and offers financing options. We install only the best doors on the market, and our proven and refined installation process will ensure that your new doors are beautiful, functional, and secure for decades to come.

The Benefits of New Patio Doors

Patio doors are much more than just doors. They’re a transition between your indoor living space and your outdoor living space, and they play an important role in how functional and enjoyable those spaces are. New patio door replacement is an investment in your home that will beautify both the exterior and interior. It allows you to transform a room with increased natural light. Your new doors will be more energy efficient and thus make your home less expensive to heat and cool. Modern doors are more secure and will make your home safer. There is also a wide range of customization options available to you, and while many of these choices are cosmetic in nature, there are also functional options, such as space-saving configurations.

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The Other Types of Entry Doors We Install

Patio door replacement is just one of the door installation and replacement services that we offer. Emmons also sells and installs a broad range of front doors, French doors, and sliding doors.

Wood Front Doors

Front Doors

Front doors are crucial to the functionality and security of your home but also its overall curb appeal. Emmons offers a wide range of front door styles made from real wood, fiberglass, and steel.

Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are a popular choice for indoor-to-outdoor transitions because they’re convenient and let in abundant natural sunlight. They’re also prehung, which makes installation fast and affordable.

French Doors

French doors provide wide and convenient openings. They enhance your space with more aesthetic complexity, and they increase the value of your home more substantially than other options.

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Emmons is a company you can trust to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and excellent value for your dollar. Call us today at 1-856-885-6677 or request an appointment if you’d like to schedule a patio door replacement consultation or have questions about the doors we sell and our installation process.

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  • By submitting this form Emmons may contact me about services via telephone or email.