Interior and Exterior Door Replacement

Protect Your Home and Save on Energy Costs

Doors that are in good working order and structurally sound provide an array of benefits for your home. Exterior doors not only protect your family and your belongings from intruders, but they also keep the elements away, allowing your home to stay at a consistent temperature. Drafty and poorly insulated doors can make your HVAC system work hard to keep your home comfortable, thus raising your energy costs. Emmons can provide door replacement services to make sure your home is safe and energy-efficient. Emmons is an Andersen Certified Contractor that works with their full line of wood and vinyl doors. We also install new doors by ProVia.

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Door Replacement and Installation

Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Home with a Door Replacement

Your front door can say a lot about your home. Whether you have a modest or grand entrance, your door goes a long way towards creating curb appeal. Doors that don’t close correctly or stick can not only be a hassle, but they’re also a safety risk. With various replacement door options available you can customize the style, color, hardware, windows, and more. When choosing a new entry door, you’ll be able to select one that works best for your lifestyle and reflects your personal taste.

If you like to entertain, new patio doors that seal tightly but are easy to open and close are perfect. If you need more light in your home, installing a replacement front door that has sidelights can add a functional, elegant look. Contact the door replacement experts at Emmons for an estimate and to see some sample doors.

Why Replace Your Home’s Doors?

Not all door replacements are planned. Often unexpected damage can happen that forces your hand. Severe weather can wear down your exterior doors which can permanently damage their seals. Flying debris, ice and other factors can break parts of your door causing it to malfunction or become unsafe. Interior doors can also become damaged overtime by constant use or the occasional accident. It’s very important to make sure your internal doors are safe and functioning properly incase of emergency inside the home.

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Common Reasons for a Door Replacement

  • Door Won’t Open Or Close
  • Broken Jamb
  • Draft Around The Edges
  • Water Leaking In
  • Improve Security
  • Better Energy Efficiency
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Added Accessibility

Why Choose Emmons as Your Door Replacement Company?

When it comes to the safety and security of your home, Emmons is second to none. Our door replacement contractors are licensed and insured in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so you know that you’re getting quality, professional workmanship. With more than 30 years of experience, we can handle replacing and installing any number, shape, size or type of interior or exterior doors that you need.

Our focus is on quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. If you need more information about replacement doors for your home, our could use some help deciding what type of door is best for you, we’re just a click or call away. We offer honest recommendations based on what will look and function best for your home and we always provide transparent estimates, so you can be confident in your decision to hire us.

New Front Door

Is It Time To Replace Your Front Door?

Many homeowners do not realize that a front door that was improperly installed or is worn down can increase home heating and cooling costs. Improper installation results in a poor seal, which in turn causes air infiltration and thus loss of warm or cool air. As a door gets older, not only is the weather-stripping undermined, but the door can actually warp and thus lead to gaps that let air in and out. With a phone call, one of Emmons door installation experts can help you choose the perfect new door for your home.

Replace Front Door

Exterior Door Replacement Types

There are several options to choose from when it comes to replacing your exterior doors. Whether you need a new front door, patio door, or other entry door, Emmons offers styles and materials which will keep your home safe and beautiful.

Steel Door Replacement

Steel Front Doors

A popular choice for value and durability, steel front doors are strong and energy efficient. These entry doors are steel-wrapped with an insulating foam core and built for any weather.

Fiberglass Door Replacement

Fiberglass Front Doors

Energy efficient, durable, and low maintenance fiberglass front doors resist rot, warping, dents, and scratches. These doors come in a variety of styles and textures from smooth to wood grain.

Wooden Door Replacement

Wood Front Doors

Strong, sturdy and a beautiful classic look, wooden front doors add curb appeal to any home. They are more expensive and require more maintenance than other options but do their job well.

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Sliding Glass Doors

A favorite for entertainers and those that want a great view, these lightweight sliding doors allow for easy operation and maximum ventilation. They come prehung and ready to go.

Storm and Screen Door Replacement

Storm and Screen Doors

If you need added protection for your existing entry door (especially wood) or want the ability to allow ventilation without bugs getting in, storm and screen doors are great.

French Door Replacement

Exterior French Doors

French doors are popular for patios because of their ability to provide a large opening and great sightlines. They are perfect replacement options for those that don’t want a sliding door.

We Also Offer Interior Door Replacement Services

Interior doors come in several materials, shapes, and styles. Emmons can replace barn doors, bi-fold doors, pocket doors, standard hinged, and other types of interior doors. Medium density fiberboard is the most popular material for the inside of homes because of its affordability. Solid wood provides a great aesthetic and is the most durable, but also comes with a higher price tag. We offer expert interior door replacement services and can provide suggestions as to style and material that will be the best investment for your home.

Prehung or Slab Door Replacement

Prehung Doors vs Slab Doors

When you’re looking to replace your entry doors, we recommend prehung doors. Rather than trying to retro-fit a new slab door into your current door frame, a prehung option offers a plug-and-play, virtually complete door solution. Prehung doors typically come with everything except the doorknob so they install easily and require minimal customization to ensure a proper fit.

Our Door Replacement Process


Our door replacement team will provide you with your choices and answer any questions you may have to provide you with an accurate up-front quote.

Choose Your New Door

After discussing your options with us you’ll choose your new door style, material and hardware. We’ll order your replacement door and schedule your installation date.

Removal and Installation

Our crew will arrive at your home, carefully remove your old door and will make any necessary repairs or adjustments to the opening. We’ll then install the new door with an air-tight seal that keeps your home protected.


Our home improvement team will follow up with you after the installation to make sure you were happy with the process. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction.

Door Replacement Process

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