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Are you considering installing commercial replacement windows? If so, Emmons is here to take care of this important project. We can replace windows for hotels, banks, retail stores, churches, offices, colleges, apartment buildings, and any other type of commercial property. As the most trusted window installer in South Jersey, at the Jersey Shore, and in southeastern Pennsylvania we’re here to help you through the process from start to finish to ensure your building is energy efficient and stays protected.

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Why Replace Your Building’s Windows?

It’s understandable to wonder why commercial replacement windows are so important. Whether you own a rental space, office building, or another type of commercial property, new windows can many positive benefits. If left untreated, old windows can become a potentially dangerous liability.

Commercial Building Replacement Windows

Replacing your commercial building’s windows can save you money over the long term. Commercial replacement windows are not only more energy efficient, but they also look great. New windows can help improve your curb appeal and create a positive impression on everyone from your employees to your clients. Plus, a new set of windows are great for blocking out unwanted noise. New commercial replacement windows can also improve the natural light inside of your building which provides a more desirable work environment.

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Why Choose Emmons for Your Commercial Window Replacement?

Every part of a commercial building has a life expectancy. After 15-20 years, windows can develop problems that may require replacement. Our expert commercial window contractors can examine your windows and determine whether a window replacement makes sense for your property. Advancements in technology have made today’s windows more durable and energy-efficient than ever before.

Emmons knows that a commercial window replacement can be quite an investment, especially on larger buildings. We do everything we can to meet your budget and ensure you can enjoy the benefits your new windows bring. We always use the highest quality window brands and materials and provide full workmanship and material warranties.

Benefits of New Commercial Windows

Whether your building houses employees, customers or tenants, there are many beneficial reasons to order commercial replacement windows. New windows help control temperatures, provide soundproofing, lower energy costs, and improve aesthetics. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of new commercial windows installed by Emmons.

Consistent Temperature

Installing a new set of commercial windows limits solar heat from entering your building. This allows you and your customers or employees to enjoy a comfortable indoor space. If your company foots the bill for energy usage, new windows are great at keeping your operating costs low. With lower operating costs, your company has more revenue to spend on other things.


As a business owner you don’t want outside noises coming into your workspace. Outside noise entering a building can create a distracting environment. Fortunately, commercial replacement windows can stop outside noises from disrupting your employees or tenants. With a set of new windows, your building will block out sounds from streets, airports, and other noisy environments.

Aesthetics and Lighting

Another important reason to install new commercial windows is to improve your property’s interior lighting and aesthetics. Your building’s windows can make a major first impression on anyone entering the space. Whether it’s a good or bad impression depends on the condition of your windows. New windows come with UV coatings that let natural light in without fading your furniture and flooring.

Lower Energy Costs

By blocking out heat in the summer and cold air in the winter, new windows lower your energy usage. With less energy usage comes lower heating and cooling bills each month. If you own a rental property, energy-efficient windows are also a great way to market your building to potential tenants. Office owners will also enjoy how much new windows can lower a company’s operating costs.

Types of Commercial Window Materials

When it comes to commercial windows materials, you’ll have several options to choose from. Emmons mainly installs either aluminum, vinyl, or wood window frames. With that in mind, each of these frame types has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here’s more information about these three types of window frames to help you make the best choice.

Commercial Aluminum Frame Windows

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows offer great durability and strength. Because of this material’s moldability, aluminum windows are great replacements for unconventionally sized windows. You’ll enjoy how well they block outside noise, and how little maintenance they need. These long-lasting commercial windows are also resistant to dents, cracks, and breaks. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors.

Commercial Vinyl Frame Windows

Vinyl Windows

If energy efficiency is an important factor for a commercial window replacement project, vinyl windows are a great choice. It is possible to make these windows even more energy-efficient by adding insulation. They are a low maintenance option as they are very easy to clean. They also tend to be the most affordable choice when it comes to installing your new commercial windows.

Commercial Wood Frame Windows

Wood Windows

Wood window frames are another long-lasting and energy-efficient option. You’ll often see wood frames used by historic buildings due to how long these frames last. Unfortunately, wood frames will contract and expand as outdoor temperatures change. These changes can sometimes lead to wood frames cracking and rotting. Because of this, wood frames require more maintenance than vinyl and aluminum windows.

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No Matter the Type of Window, We Have You Covered

There are many popular types of commercial windows. Whether you need awning, casement, dormer, picture, sliding or double-hung windows, the team at Emmons can handle it. Our team of expert contractors also installs skylights and custom commercial window replacement requests. We’ll can help you choose which windows are the best choice for your commercial property.

Commercial Window Replacement

Emmons Knows Commercial Replacement Windows

When it’s time for commercial replacement windows, choose Emmons for your upcoming project. We’re fully licensed, insured, and have over 30 years of experience replacing windows throughout the Delaware Valley. If you’re a business owner in South Jersey, at the Jersey Shore, or in the Greater Pennsylvania Area, reach out to us today for a free estimate!

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