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Whether they pop up out of nowhere or you see them coming, storms can bring damaging hail, rain, and wind. These elements can cause immediate and long-term issues for the roof, gutters, siding, windows, and doors on your commercial property. Emmons can send an expert exterior general contractor to perform commercial storm damage repair and replacement services quickly and for an affordable price.

Repairing problems that occur on the outside of your commercial building is a crucial part of protecting the exterior from sustaining further and more devastating damage. It will reduce the risk of the problem damaging the interior of your business as well. If you think that your property has been damaged by a storm, you can contact us for a thorough inspection. We’ll even work with your insurance provider to determine how much of the repair costs that your policy will cover.

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Commercial Storm Damage Replacement

Storm Damage Replacement

While the interior of your commercial property is generally safe from the direct impact of a storm, there isn’t much that you can do to protect the exterior. After a storm brings damaging hail, heavy rain and strong wind, you might notice some issues, such as sagging gutters, missing shingles, cracked siding, unhinged doors, or broken windows. If there’s only minor damage, though, you might not notice it until it gets worse.

You should call Emmons if you have any suspicions that you need commercial storm damage repair. We can dispatch a skilled professional contractor to your business to conduct a thorough assessment of the entire exterior. Then, we’ll perform the repairs that we can and replace any materials that are beyond repair.

Trusted Commercial Storm Damage Repair Experts

Emmons is a commercial exterior remodeling contractor that is fully licensed & insured in New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

  • Owens Corning™ Platinum Preferred Contractor
  • GAF Authorized™ Roofing Contractor
  • Total Protection Roofing System Qualified Contractor
  • Accredited and Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau
  • National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) Member
  • Vinyl Siding Institute VSI Certified Installer
Storm Damaged Commercial Roof

Roof Restoration

Whether your commercial building has asphalt shingles or membrane roofing, hail and wind can cause damage. Since it’s not always easy to see the damage yourself, getting an inspection is the safest way to avoid major repairs, such as destructive leaks. With trained and experienced eyes, Emmons contractors can detect small issues and repair them before they get worse.

Storm Damaged Commercial Siding

Broken & Missing Siding

Like roofs, siding is the most vulnerable to hail and wind. While they can cause visible cracks and holes, they may also cause hidden damage. Some siding sections might even detach from the side of your building, exposing the underneath to moisture buildup that could damage the foundation or interior. Emmons can perform the necessary commercial storm damage repair services.

Storm Damaged Commercial Windows

Broken Windows

Strong storms that involve flying debris, heavy rain and high wind can seriously damage windows. However, it isn’t always obvious that your windows aren’t tightly sealed and don’t effectively maintain temperatures throughout your commercial property. An Emmons contractor can check the inside and outside of the windows for possible damage and ensure that your property’s interior is protected.

Storm Damage Commercial Gutter

Damaged Gutters

The function of gutters is to guide rain away from your commercial building. Sometimes, severe weather drops so much water that the gutters pull away from the eaves or break at the seams. Other times, powerful wind can have the same effect. You can call Emmons to perform commercial storm damage repair services that fix malfunctioning, broken or sagging gutters.

Storm Damaged Entry Door

Broken Entry Doors

Like windows, doors are susceptible to wind that carries flying debris. The risk of damage increases if your doors contain glass panes because flying debris can crack or smash through the glass. Additionally, persistent storms can wear down the seals around your doors, potentially causing interior damage. If you have a damaged commercial door, Emmons can replace it.

Keep Your Building Safe

When your commercial building sustains damage from severe weather, commercial storm damage repair is essential to minimize the impact that it has on your business. Damage to an apartment building, for instance, could significantly affect your tenants and put their safety and belongings in jeopardy. Similarly, exterior damage to a store could expose your products, workers, and customers to unsafe elements or situations for which you may be held liable. Emmons can quickly perform a thorough assessment of your property and perform the repairs with as little disruption to your operations as possible.

Hail Storm Damaged Commercial Roof

Your Insurance May Cover the Commercial Storm Damage Repairs

After a strong storm damages your commercial property, you may worry about losing revenue and missing out on great opportunities. You may also be worrying about whether or not your insurance company will cover some of the commercial storm damage repair costs. Fortunately, the staff at Emmons understands how frustrating it can be to deal with insurers. We want to make the repair process as smooth as possible so that you can get back to doing what you do best. We’ll identify and document the necessary repairs or replacements. Then, we’ll work with the insurance adjuster to make sure that your policy will mitigate the costs. While your claim is being processed, we can provide temporary solutions to keep the interruption to your business to a minimum.

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Commercial Storm Damaged Roof

Hire Emmons As Your Commercial Storm Damage Repair Company

For more than 30 years, Emmons has developed a fantastic reputation within the business communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have several credentials, including preferred contractor certifications for Owens Corning and UNIFLEX roofing installations. In addition, we specialize in working on an array of commercial buildings, such as churches, banks, apartment buildings, hotels and more. We’re fully licensed and insured and committed to offering top-notch customer service. When you choose Emmons to address your commercial storm damage repair and replacement needs, you can be confident that we’ll perform quality work.

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