Built-Up Roofing Membrane

Commercial Built-Up Roofing Membrane Services

If you own a commercial building in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and require built-up roofing membrane services, turn to the professionals at Emmons Roofing & Siding. Built-up roofing or BUR systems are a popular choice for commercial applications throughout this region because this roofing material strikes a great balance between upfront cost and return on investment. At Emmons, we have roofing crews that specialize in BUR. We can install the membrane as a new roofing system or as a replacement. Our team also inspects BUR systems and can perform maintenance that will help you maximize your investment, and we can carry out repairs, such as fixing damage caused by a bad storm or people walking on the roof.

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Built-Up Roofing

What Is Built-Up Roofing?

Built-up roofing—often called BUR for short—has been used in the United States since the mid-1800s. The term built-up refers to the fact that the roofing system comprises layers and that you can layer it as much as is necessary based on the particular application. These layers are generally asphalt alternated with ply sheets, and they are installed above the roof deck surface and rigid roof insulation. Originally, built-up roofing membrane was limited to flat roofs because there was no way to keep the fluid tar in place on a sloped roof. But more refined asphalts were eventually innovated to replace tar and felt replaced paper, and it’s therefore now possible to install BUR regardless of the slope of the roof.

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Why Choose Emmons for Built-Up Roofing

When it comes to a built-up roofing membrane, Emmons is the right choice for the job. Our company is a commercial roofing contractor that’s fully licensed and insured in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our commercial roofers are highly skilled and experienced and receive an ongoing education. We use only the best roofing materials available from the most respected brands. All of the work that we perform meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s requirements and the local building codes. We are a member in good standing of the National Roofing Contractor Association and hold many of the industry’s most prestigious certifications and other recognitions. Emmons has more than three decades of industry experience, and you can hire us with the confidence that we are going to stand behind our work.

Does Your Commercial Roof Need Replacement?

Emmons advises our commercial clients to replace their built-up roofing membrane and other commercial roofing systems proactively. In other words, if you have a built-up roof that’s expected to last 30 years, then the 20-year mark is the point at which you should begin to consider a replacement. You certainly want to pay closer attention to it and have it replaced sometime before the 30-year mark. We also recommend an annual roof inspection after any bad storms or after work is performed on the roof, such as HVAC services, and to have any preventative maintenance performed right away. Leakage is an obvious sign that your roof has a structural issue. You should also watch for roofing materials that are loose, bubbling, or blistering, and if you notice that your energy bills associated with heating or cooling your building are spiking, then the culprit could be your roof.

Why Select a Built-up Roofing System

Roofing systems using a built-up roofing membrane are inexpensive relative to other commercial roofing options, and the return on investment is great because BUR can last for decades. While we recommend having your BUR system inspected annually and after severe weather, the membrane is impact resistant and not particularly prone to damage. In the event it is damaged or requires preventative maintenance, such repairs are generally simple to carry out and are not expensive. BUR is effective in our particular climate, but also in a wide range of climates and geographic areas, and due to the built-up nature of the roofing system, we can customize the application to your particular building and location. Built-up roofing membrane also provides an attractive finish and boasts fire-retardant properties.

Benefits of a BUR

• Lifespan
• Durability
• Versatility
• Low maintenance

Built-Up Roofing Experts

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Other Commercial Roofing Systems

Your options for your commercial building aren’t limited to a built-up roofing membrane. Emmons specializes in all of the roofing systems used in this region for commercial applications, including TPO and EPDM.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. This highly effective material is durable and easy to maintain. It can last upward of 50 years and is 100% recyclable when it comes time to replace it.

TPO Roofing

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. This roofing material is an affordable, durable, and lightweight choice for practically any building in our service area. It’s also environmentally friendly and UV resistant.

Trust Emmons for Built-Up Roofing Services

Maximize the investment in your built-up roofing membrane by choosing a company you can trust and rely on. That roofing contractor is Emmons, and you can call us today or contact us to schedule a consultation or appointment or with any questions that you may have about our roofing services.

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