Commercial Door Replacement

Restore Safety and Security to Your Commercial Property

More often not, the first thing a person will touch on your building is its entry door. After someone enters your commercial building, they’ll likely also use its interior doors. With that in mind, the condition of your building’s doors plays a vital role in how people perceive your company. If your business has worn down or outdated doors, it might be time for a commercial door replacement. To improve the aesthetics and security of your building, let Emmons take care of your door replacement project. We’re the industry leading installer in the Greater Philadelphia area, South Jersey, and at the Jersey Shore.

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Commercial Door Replacement Services

Replacing Your Building’s Exterior Doors Improves Safety

No business owner wants to think about a break in at their property. Unfortunately, break-ins do happen. Whether they’re amateur or professional thieves, most of them will know how to spot a neglected door. This type of door can give criminals an easy way in and out of your building. By scheduling a commercial door replacement, our team of experts will help ensure no would-be thieves target your commercial doors. A new set of doors can also make everyone inside of your building feel safer.

Why Replace Your Building’s Doors?

A commercial door replacement is necessary to eliminate damage which may be impacting your entry or interior door’s ability to function properly. New doors can also help you avoid dangerous situations and potential safety violations. Modern commercial doors are much more energy efficient and soundproof than their earlier predecessors. They can also provide a much needed pop of color for your building in order to amp up its curb appeal.

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Common Signs Your Need to Replace Your Doors

  • Added Security
  • No Longer Closing Properly
  • Fire Safety Requirements
  • Meet ADA Requirements
  • Damaged Frame or Jamb
  • Broken Glass
  • Rebranding the Business

Why Choose Emmons for Your Commercial Door Replacement?

To keep your store, office, or other commercial property safe and secure, Emmons is your best choice. Our team of commercial door replacement contractors is licensed and insured to work in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Whether you need one or many new commercial doors, our team can replace any shape, size, or type of door. With over 30 years of experience, we provide top-notch work every time.

What separates us from the competition is our focus on quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Whether you have questions or concerns about commercial replacement doors, we’re only a call or click away. We proudly offer honest recommendations and transparent estimates. Our team also has a sharp eye for helping you decide which doors will look and function well for your business.

Types of Commercial Door Construction

The team of door replacement experts at Emmons are familiar with a variety of door materials. No matter what your requirements or style preferences are, we’ll happily replace your company’s doors. Before starting a commercial door replacement project, it’s helpful to learn about the most popular door materials on the market. If you want to know more about any of the materials below, contact us to have one of our friendly team members provide more detailed information.

Commercial Steel Door

Steel Doors

Steel doors are durable while also being light enough to easily open and close. The inside of most steel doors contains foam insulation, a core of strong resin, and stiffeners. A steel door’s durability and reliability make it the standard for commercial buildings. Steel doors are both cost-effective and offer immense security.

Commercial Door Wood

Wood Doors

Made from particleboard, solid wood, and pressed vermiculite or perlite, wood doors are another popular choice. Wrapped a thin wood veneer, these doors look great in almost any commercial property. Because of how susceptible these doors are to moisture and other outdoor elements, they’re best suited for indoor spaces like offices or closets.

Commercial Glass Door

Glass Doors

As their name suggests, glass doors bring in the most amount of natural light. Having lots of natural light makes your commercial building’s interior look more spacious. Retail companies often choose glass doors because they allow customers to easily see what their stores offer. The one drawback of glass doors is they don’t often have a fire rating.

Commercial Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass Doors

If you’re looking for a long-lasting commercial door replacement material, consider fiberglass. Known for their durability, fiberglass doors can withstand lots of wear and tear without needing to be replaced. This durability means you won’t spend a lot on maintenance. We often recommend these doors for commercial properties with a lot of foot traffic.

Commercial Aluminum Door with Glass

Aluminum Doors with Glass

To add a sleek and clean look to your commercial property, think about choosing aluminum doors with glass. These doors are also easy to maintain, only requiring an occasional polishing and wipe down to stay clean. Aluminum doors with glass can also add a lot of natural sunlight. They perfect if you want to add an extra degree of sophistication to your building.

Commercial Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors

Throughout many warehouses, storage facilities, and docks, you’ll find overhead doors. Manufactured from sheets of steel or other metals, these doors create openings ranging from 8 to 10 feet wide. These massive doors help companies transport and store large items. You can also choose whether you want overhead doors that open manually or automatically.

Commercial Door Replacement and Installation Experts

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We Are the Entry Door Replacement Experts

We understand that commercial property owners might need one or several types of doors. The basic doors every building requires are entry, exit, interior, and exterior doors. There are also doors specially made for shops, closets, and storefronts. Other commercial door opinions are bi-fold, Dutch, security, and double doors. If your buildings house potentially harmful chemicals, we can also install fire-rated or fire-resistant doors. Emmons can handle any commercial door replacement project, even custom door requests.

Commercial Door Replacement Experts

Hire Emmons to Replace Your Commercial Doors

Is it time to schedule your commercial door replacement services? If so, contact Emmons today. Our company has over 30 years of experience replacing doors for business owners throughout Southern Jersey, at the Jersey Shore, and in southeastern Pennsylvania. We’re licensed, insured, and even offer free estimates.

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