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Installing Doors for Office Buildings, Storefronts, Banks, and More

The entry door for your property is one of the first impressions that you make on customers. After they enter your office, store, bank or other establishment, your interior doors are one element that continues to influence their impression of your company. Along with aesthetics, all of your doors have an impact on the security of your commercial building. Emmons is dedicated to making sure that you make the best impression and have the best security possible. We’re licensed and insured in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to perform commercial door installation services. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve become the most trusted company in our service area.

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Commercial Door Replacement

Commercial Door Replacement

Over time, severe weather and normal wear and tear can damage commercial doors. Because of that, they can become difficult to open and close, scrape along the floor, and develop visible cracks, dents, and dings. Repairs may not fix these problems, so replacing the doors is the best solution. Emmons can assess the damage and recommend if a new commercial door installation is the right choice for your property. In many cases, replacing a damaged entry door will offer optimal protection for your building, occupants, and inventory.

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Commercial Door Materials

At Emmons, our commercial door installation team is familiar with a variety of door materials. We can provide professional door replacements no matter your needs and style preferences. You can learn more about some of the most popular door materials available below. If you’re unsure about which material will best suit your business property, someone from our team can explain each in more detail.

Commercial Steel Door

Steel Doors

Most of the time, steel doors are hollow but consist of inner materials that are wrapped with a sheet of steel. The inner materials are usually foam insulation, a resinous honeycomb core and stiffeners. The durability and reliability of these materials make steel doors the standard for commercial properties. They offer a high level of security and are cost effective.

Commercial Door Wood

Wood Doors

In general, wood doors are made from particle board, pressed vermiculite or perlite, or solid wood. These materials are typically wrapped with thin wood veneer sheets to create the aesthetic that you see. Since wood doors are susceptible to moisture and other outdoor elements, though, they work best for an interior commercial door installation project, such as offices and closets.

Commercial Glass Door

Glass Doors

Glass doors are made with safety glass and may or may not have a frame. As the name suggests, they’re designed to provide as much natural light as possible to make your commercial space appear bigger and more open. Many brick-and-mortar shops choose these doors so that people can see their products as they walk by. However, they don’t usually have a fire rating.

Commercial Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass Doors

Made using fine fibers of glass and plastic matrix, fiberglass doors are known for their durability. They can withstand repeat abuse and use, so they hardly ever need to be replaced. These traits are why they’re perfect for commercial buildings that get a lot of foot traffic. Fiberglass doors are an excellent option when you want to save money on maintenance costs too.

Commercial Aluminum Door with Glass

Aluminum Doors with Glass

If you need a clean, sleek commercial door installation, aluminum doors with glass are the ideal solution. Along with letting a lot of natural sunlight into your space, they can make your property look more sophisticated than some of the other door materials. They don’t require special treatment like steel and wood doors, and they’re easy to maintain with simple cleaning and polishing.

Commercial Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors

Manufactured from sheets of steel or another strong metal, overhead doors are the preferred option for docks, storage facilities, warehouses, and similar commercial buildings. They’re designed to create a large opening of 8 to 10 feet wide for the transport of big items. Overhead doors can be made any height and can open automatically or manually as well.

Types of Commercial Doors

Along with the numerous materials used to make commercial doors, there are various types for every need. Some of the basic types are entry, exit, exterior, and interior doors. They can even be made specifically for closets, shops, and storefronts. If your building holds potentially harmful chemicals, you’ll need fire-rated or fire-resistant doors, which are made with fire-resistant materials. Other commercial door options include bi-fold, double, Dutch, and security doors. The team at Emmons can handle any commercial door installation, including custom door requests.

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Why Choose Emmons as Your Commercial Door Installation Contractor?

Serving South Jersey, the Jersey Shore, and several Pennsylvania counties, Emmons is proud to offer trustworthy commercial door installation services. We have an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. As a local contractor, we have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. If you need help choosing commercial doors for your property, one of our experts can give you more information and impartial recommendations. We know you will be completely satisfied with our craftsmanship and also offer full material and workmanship warranties.

Commercial Door Installation

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