Expert Skylight Installation Services

Dark and dreary homes are now a thing of the past. Manufacturers like Velux now offer skylight solutions to brighten up even the darkest corners of your home. Whether your roof is flat or pitched, skylight installation is an option.

Old “bubble” style skylights are unsightly and can break easily. Today’s skylights are made with thicker and flat glass, and many styles of skylights now offer Low-E Glass to help to prevent the fading of flooring, carpets, and furniture that are in the direct line of sunlight. Velux also offers a wide variety of blinds in an array of colors. These shades can be pulled using long poles that hook onto the shade, or even remote controls!

Replacing skylights is a fairly simple process that involves removing a small area of surrounding roofing shingles, removing the old skylight flashing system, and replacing everything with new. This is often best done when having your roofing shingles replaced. Want to enjoy some fresh air? Pop open your skylight! It is now possible to open them up, just like a car window on a spring day. This option is also available with manual poles or remote controls. Skylights in this line can even include a rain sensor that can automatically close your skylight when it detects moisture

Another great product from Velux is the Sun Tunnel. This is a small dome skylight that is cut into the roof, with a pipe that funnels down through the attic space and to your ceiling. This captures the sun that is hitting your roof and tunnels it into a small window in your ceiling. Sun Tunnels bring in tons of beautiful natural light and is an excellent alternative to cutting an entire skylight into your roof. This is the best option for brightening up dark areas like hallways or bathrooms that don’t have windows.

Skylight installation services from Emmons Roofing & Siding are a great option for anyone looking to bring a light, airy and fresh feel to their home!

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