Is It Time To Replace My Windows?

Are you not sure if it’s time to replace your windows? Drafts, foggy glass, rotted frames, difficult operation, and faded furniture are just a few reasons to get new windows. Here’s our guide.

Drafts, Howling Windows, and Windows That Feel Cold To The Touch

Windows that let in outside air increase energy bills.
Replace Foggy Windows

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are caused by a broken interior seal between the panes. This means that the windows are no longer as energy efficient as they used to be.

Single Pane Windows

In order to increase energy efficiency, it is best to have double-pane windows that are insulated with argon gas.

Fading Furniture

If you have faded areas on your furniture or floors, too much light is infiltrating your windows. Ask your contractor about windows with “Low-E”, a reflective coating that absorbs some of the sun’s rays.

Decaying Window Frames

Window frames that are rotted and decaying need to be replaced in order to prevent leaks. New vinyl windows do not rot or decay.
Replace Slider Windows

Difficult Operation

Windows should open and close with ease. And windows should never fall closed if they are left open, as this is a safety hazard.

Outdated Features

New windows offer upgraded features such as tilt-in options for cleaning, double locks for security, and stronger screens for longevity.


New windows can come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

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