What Should You Do If You Have Property Damage from a Storm?

Storms can be devastating and leave behind damage that costs thousands to repair. If your home has been damaged by a recent storm, you may be scrambling to get things back to normal as soon as possible. What should you do if you have property damage from a storm? Take a look at these important steps you can take to repair your home and secure compensation from your insurance company.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Home After a Storm

When it comes to picking up the pieces after a bad storm, time is of the essence. You should follow these steps immediately so you can get your life back on track and if warranted, avoid paying for repairs out of pocket.

• Contact Your Insurance Company

You should report property damages to your insurance company immediately to help expedite the processing of your claim. Some insurance companies can send out emergency services or recommend a contractor like Emmons to assist you with problems that require swift action.

• Take Photos of the Damage

Before you call a clean-up crew, you should document your property damages in detail so you can file a claim with your insurance company. As soon as it’s safe to go outside, you should start taking notes and pictures of the damage. You should also keep track of how the damage happened. Documentation can be a tedious process, but it’s worth it.  Do not go on your roof alone, especially if you suspect a structural issue.

• Act Quickly

You are likely required by your insurer to take action to prevent further damage to your property. This means reporting the claim and scheduling repair services as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate after a storm or you may not be able to file a property damage claim. Other ways to prevent further damage include tarping your roof and boarding up broken windows.

• Hire the Right Contractor

Another important step to take if you have storm damage is to stay vigilant. Lots of shady “storm chasing” companies prey on homeowners who have been hit with severe weather. When you are looking for a home repair contractor, it’s best to do your research and hire a trustworthy company that has a good reputation in your area.

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