Types of Siding Material: Which is Right for You?

While many homes are built of brick or stucco, others feature various types of siding. Siding not only contributes to the overall look and style of a home, but protects it from water, weather, and other threats. Siding is affordable and easy to maintain. It comes in a variety of colors and materials, so finding the perfect type of siding for your home and tastes may be quite simple.


One of the most popular choices is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is very similar to aluminum, but rarely dents. Vinyl never requires paint because it does not rust and its color permeates the entire thickness of the panels. Vinyl siding comes in many different colors, sizes, and lengths.


Aluminum siding is also a popular siding choice and is generally rust-resistant, waterproof, and well-insulating. This material is prone to denting, however, so it should be avoided in areas where hail storms are common or where the siding can get hit with, say, a baseball or frisbee.


Composition board, or hardboard, is composed of several sheets or planks of compressed wood fiber. While it can be treated for water-resistance, it may still require replacement should it become too wet. Homeowners must repaint hardboard periodically as well.


Shingles provide another type of siding. Shingles are usually made from cypress, redwood or a similar wood. They can be applied in a smooth, single-layer or in an overlapping, textured fashion. They are, however, prone to cupping (rolling towards the center) and checking (cracking or splitting.)


One final type of siding is veneer. Veneers are often made of some type of brick or stone. As one might suspect, veneers are ideal for those who love the look of old stone or brick houses but have a traditional wood-frame house. They come in a variety of textures, colors, and thicknesses. Veneers are also ideal for those living in rainy regions because water cannot usually penetrate them. This type of siding never requires painting, so maintenance is minimal.

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