Preparing for the Roof Replacement Process

Now that you have signed up with your roofing contractor, how do you prepare for your roof replacement? If you’ve never had a roof replaced before it can be difficult to anticipate what the day will bring. Here is our guide on what to expect during the roof replacement process.

In preparation for the removal of old shingles, it’s very important to take some precautions to protect your yard. It’s best to have lawn furniture, potted plants and yard decorations removed. Even though your contractor takes every precaution to protect your yard, accidents can happen. Your roofing contractor should tarp the area and use plywood in a teepee like structure to protect landscaping.

On the morning of the roof replacement, someone should be present at least at the beginning of a job to make sure that the contractor is installing the materials that were discussed. During the removal process, however, it’s not safe for anyone besides the roofing professionals to be around due to the danger of falling debris.

A construction zone is not a good place for pets and children. The entire process can be very noisy, overwhelming, and unsafe. This may be a good day to find a doggy daycare or babysitter to look after your pets and children. The day of a roof replacement can be long, but keep in mind that the entire top of your home is being removed and replaced! This does not happen easily. Hiring the right contractor will help the roof replacement process go much more smoothly.

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