Possible Roof Problems

There are lots of things that can go wrong with your roof, and every one can cause expensive damage if they are not properly repaired. Damages can include leaks from storms, mold in your attic from water leaks, and even squirrels and other animals setting up residence in your home through your damaged roof.

  • Repair or Replacement — The roof may have localized damage such as a few missing shingles which can easily be replaced, or it may have widespread damage or have exceeded its life expectancy. In this case the whole roof may need to be replaced.
  • Structural Problems — The roof may appear to sag in some areas because of insufficient strength or deterioration of framing or sheathing.
  • Ice Damming — There may be damage to the roofing material and structure due to build-up of ice during the winter.
  • Flashing — Leaks may occur at the flashing.
  • Moisture Problems — Excess moisture in the attic area can lead to deterioration of the roof structure.
  • Roofing Material — The roofing material may fail due to poor installation or may not be the proper type for the specific application.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material that we use. It is composed of asphalt impregnated paper with mineral granules coating the exposed surface. Numerous colors and styles are available to enhance the design of your home. Shingles are easy to install, require little maintenance and are easy to repair. Wind sealed shingles have an added dab of roofing cement under the bottom edge of each shingle. After these are installed and the roof is heated by the sun, the cement melts and sticks to the shingle below, increasing their effectiveness in high wind areas or on shallow sloped roofs.