Porch Decor and Home Renovation Inspiration

Updating small features on your porch can have a big impact on your home’s exterior decor. Decorative house numbers, new outdoor light fixtures, and porch ceiling soffit are all small, simple, affordable home renovation updates that can really change the look of your home’s exterior.

Outdoor Lighting

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside on a summer night? Light up the night with new outdoor light fixtures. Outdoor sconces are a beautiful way to make your nights last a little longer. Outdoor lights can be hooked up to timers, so they turn on when it gets dark and turn off in the morning. Some lights also come with motion detectors, which is a great safety feature.

House Numbers

Something as simple as updating house numbers and letters can instantly add a touch of class. Most townships ask that homeowners’ house numbers are at least 3″ tall and posted where it’s easily visible from the outside of the house, which can assist medical or fire personnel in case of an emergency. So why not make those numbers decorative? There are thousands of styles to choose from that are available online or at local home improvement stores. Luckily, this is a small project that can be done with a hammer and a few small nails.

Porch Ceiling Soffit

A very often overlooked aspect of your porch is the ceiling. Instead of having an open wood ceiling, consider solid vinyl soffits. Since the soffit is vinyl, it will never need to be scraped or painted. If it ever accumulates dirt, it can be cleaned with soap and water or a gentle power washing. Installing vinyl soffits on your porch ceiling gives it a clean, textured, more upscale look.

Decorative Soffit Home RenovationStylish House Numbers Home Renovation

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