Keeping Your Roof In Good Shape with Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is necessary in order to avoid needing a premature roof replacement. The worst thing about neglecting a roof is that it is one of the most costly parts of a house to replace. A bad roof can actually cause extensive damage to the inside of your house if it falls into bad shape again. Here are some questions that might cross your mind in regards to roof maintenance.

Should a Roof Be Cleaned?

It is wise for you to get your roof cleaned sometimes, or you can take on the task without hiring someone to do it (but always take safety precautions when climbing onto a roof.) The reason a roof must be cleaned is that moss, algae, bird droppings, and other things can accumulate on it and destroy the materials. For example, algae can eat into the shingles. Algae basically consume limestone, which is one of the main materials that make up asphalt shingles. A pressure washer is a great piece of equipment to have around for occasionally cleaning your roof.

What Kind of Roof Repairs Should Be Expected?

The type of repairs that you should expect depends on the type of roof that you have. For instance, a roof that is covered with asphalt shingles might need to have a few shingles replaced every now and then due to storms, hail, and high winds.

When Is it Time to Replace a Roof?

There are several signs that it is time for your roof to be replaced. Read our blogs titled, “How To Tell If You Need a New Roof“, “Do I Need a New Roof“, and “Possible Roof Problems” for more information.

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