Vinyl vs Aluminum Gutters

Gutters prevent damage by directing water away from your home. When they are broken, they need to be repaired or replaced quickly to prevent rain, ice, and snow from wreaking havoc on your home. The knowledgeable team at Emmons can install aluminum gutters to replace your old, broken system. If you aren’t sure which gutters to choose, here’s what you need to know about vinyl vs aluminum gutters.

Vinyl vs Aluminum Gutters: Which is Better?

As a homeowner, you have a lot of options when it comes to your gutters. There are many types of gutter materials, but vinyl and aluminum are the most common options. These two materials have key differences, and most contractors prefer to install aluminum gutters. Here’s why you should choose aluminum when deciding between vinyl vs aluminum gutters.

• Durability

Aluminum gutters offer maximum durability in most climates, and they can last as long as two decades. The weather in our area can be extremely harsh, especially during the winter. Aluminum gutters can withstand ice and snow better than vinyl. They are resistant to rust caused by road salt, and they won’t become brittle due to fluctuations in temperature.

• Gutter Strength

Vinyl gutters are lightweight, making them unable to withstand the heavy wind and rain of a Pennsylvania storm. Seams in vinyl gutters make them more prone to leaking, while most aluminum gutters are seamless. While vinyl gutters may work well in dry climates, aluminum is the better option for homes in wet areas like Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

• Cost of Vinyl vs Aluminum Gutters

Vinyl and aluminum are both relatively affordable compared to other gutter materials, with vinyl being the slightly cheaper option. Based on factors like durability and performance, it’s better to pay for aluminum because there will be fewer replacement and repair costs to deal with in the future. Aluminum offers a better return on your investment.

• Gutter Installation

Vinyl gutters are easy to put together but difficult to install because they have so many seams. Aluminum gutters have fewer or no seams, making the installation process a breeze. Faster installation means less money spent on labor costs when you have the gutters installed professionally.

• Curb Appeal

Aluminum gutters offer the same great look as vinyl or PVC. When properly maintained, you won’t have to deal with ugly, sagging gutters. You can paint aluminum gutters any color you like to enhance your home’s exterior and boost the durability of your gutter system.

Why Aluminum Gutters are Better Than Vinyl

Based on durability, performance, and cost, aluminum gutters are the better option for homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their leak-free, seamless design can stand up to heavy precipitation. They are easier to repair, and they come in a variety of colors to match your home. Aluminum gutters are a popular, tried-and-true option, and they are safer for the environment than plastic gutters made with toxic chemicals.

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